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影视综艺 — 您更看好《爱情公寓》还是《一出好戏》为什么?
生活方式 — 为什么有的绿豆汤是绿的,有的是红的?
数码科技 — 2018 款 MacBook Pro 的实际体验如何?

任素汐的回答 — 在《幻乐之城》录制现场是一种怎样的体验?
彭飞的回答 — 未来的作曲教科书中,五线谱、简谱等仍会是主流吗?
李银河的文章 — 为女权主义正名

无论是工作学习中遇到的问题,还是闲暇生活中面临的困扰,所有疑问都能在知乎找到可被信赖的答案。汇聚中文互联网最认真的知识分享者,认真的人在认真地回答。7 年时间累计超过100000000 个回答。
职场 — 为什么很多欧洲人和美国人不午睡下午还能满血状态工作?
健康 — 吃宵夜真的会导致体质变酸吗?
游戏 — 游戏《塞尔达传说:旷野之息》有哪些游玩技巧?

畅销知乎 Live:《诺贝尔经济学奖得主:特朗普上台,中国该往何处去》、《回望霍金:关于宇宙和科学他留下了什么》

There is a problem, Sounds almost. “Restaurant” Q & A chief officer know almost for you to answer various problems encountered in daily life.

[Top] chase
Hot events discussed in the gathering, covering social events, film and television arts, science and technology, sports and other fields, so you can see through the nature of news. In the discussion almost known, in the event of impact. In almost know, you can see:
Television Arts – you more optimistic about the “Love Apartments” or “a good show.” Why?
Lifestyle – Why do some mung bean soup is green, some red?
Digital Technology – the actual experience of how the 2018 MacBook Pro models?

See [view]
Know almost brings together experts in various fields of industry practitioners, in the station discussions with hundreds of millions of users to exchange, Peisi, Huang Bo, Lang Lang, Liu Hao Ran, Marber Yong, Li Yinhe, Wan Qian, Zhan Jun, Zhang translation, etc., have settled know almost, share their knowledge, experience and insights with the Friends of Scouting. In almost know, you can see:
Su Xi answer any of – in the “Magic Music City” to record the scene is a kind of experience?
Peng Fei answer – the future composition textbooks, sheet music, musical notation, etc. will continue to be the mainstream right?
Li Yinhe article – to name the feminist

[Find the answers]
Whether it is plagued by problems encountered in the study work or leisure life faced by almost all questions can be found in the know can be trusted answers. The most serious convergence of Chinese Internet knowledge sharers, serious person answering seriously. 7 years, a total of more than 100 million answer.
In almost know, you can see:
Workplace – Why do so many Europeans and Americans do not take a nap in the afternoon but also full health work?
Health – late night will really lead to physical sour it?
Game – Game: What skills play “The Legend of Zelda wilderness of interest” have?

[Up] knowledge
When you want to acquire knowledge of structured, “we know almost University” with you into the new world of knowledge.
Large coffee Private lesson: “Ma Jiahui said the Master,” “Li Yinhe: Chinese youth sex marriage”, “Old Liang interesting solution Zengguangxianwen”
Selling know almost Live: “Nobel laureate in economics: Trump came to power, the Chinese where to go,” “look back to Hawking: science about the universe and what he left behind.”
Interpretation fine book: “Ba lead the reading of the human network”, “Ma Jiahui lead time Old Man”

If you have any questions or suggestions, you may send a message to, engineers know almost not miss any one feedback yo ~
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