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Here’s Everything You Need to Know about Nanny Cams
Deciding to use a nanny cam is inevitable especially for working parents. Nanny cams are increasingly becoming popular especially with the rising child abuse cases. Read on to know more about nanny cams and their significance.
Nanny cams have many benefits for working parents. They make sure that you are monitoring your home in real-time. Several nanny cams have features such as motion tracking, wi-fi streaming, and audio but they are not only aimed at capturing the wrongdoings of a nanny. It is hard for a nanny to harm your baby when they know you are watching them. Nanny cams are also a kind of home security as you can see any theft or break-ins in your home. A nanny cam is an investment that should give back since it is costly to buy and install its data storage.
Modern nanny cams have a two-way communication feature. You can calm your restless baby or remind your nanny something, or she too can confirm something using this two-way communication nanny cam. After you decide you want to buy a nanny cam you need to know the features to look out for, more about nanny cams. Decide before buying if you prefer an SD card or wireless nanny cam. Nanny cams should have a wide dynamic range, so that night vision is clear. Buy a nanny cam that will play back the audio that you speak to on your smart phone. Confirm that the nanny cam you buy can alert you each time there is movement at the front of the camera. Decide if you want to buy a nanny cam charged either with battery or AC.
It is illegal to record someone’s voice without their consent but installing a nanny camera is legal,more about nanny cams. This same law prevents home owners from installing home cams in the bedroom or bathroom of the nanny as it is a breach of privacy. You can read more about nanny cams and the laws behind installing them here. As a parent you are supposed to let your nanny know that you have installed cameras. The importance of installing nanny cameras is something you should discuss with your nanny, and by so doing you will be cementing the relationship between both of you.
The safety of your family members and your home can be enhanced through home surveillance. It is a personal decision to install nanny cams in your home. However, in case, you are not comfortable with your current nanny you always consider replacing them. The purpose of a nanny camera is not essentially to capture wrongdoings, but it is supposed to give peace of mind because you can connect with your loved one or baby even miles away, more about nanny cams.